Why Video Seeding Is Essential for Your Business

Why Video Seeding Is Essential for Your Business
Author: Paul Barnett

The rise of social media sites such as Facebook in recent years has helped shaped the way we communicate with each other. Now businesses are seeing the potential of social media sites as a way to promote their products. One way of doing this is by using something called video seeding.

What is video seeding?

Video seeding is a way in which you can advertise your company, product or service using the power of blogs, video and social media sites. It relies on word of mouth, digital PR and on site marketing to get the video viewed on high competition sites such as YouTube.

Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube give you the ability to share a video that you like. This makes the video into what is known as a viral video. The more people that share it the more it spreads, rather like a virus. Obviously the more people that see the video can only be good for your business. If they like what they are seeing then they will want to come to your website to investigate further.

If you host a video on YouTube you are given some embed code, which you can then use to embed your video onto a blog or another social media site. It really is as simple as that. Think of the power that will give you for spreading your message right across the World Wide Web. Think of what it could do for your conversions. If you are not using online video then you really ought to look into it right now.

Of course not all videos can be treated equal. Just because one video gets viewed by many people, it does not mean yours will also. In order to have a successful video seeding campaign and get views, you need to engage your viewer somehow. Perhaps add some humour to the video or even an unusual hook. If you look at some of the best advertising campaigns on TV over the years it is not difficult to see why those adverts were successful. The only branding you need to do is right at the end of the video when you can embed your website link.

With one click of the mouse a user can send your video all over the internet. That kind of power is just not possible in traditional advertising such as a magazine. How many times do people cut things out of magazines and pass them on? The truth is not very often these days.

Social media allows you to comment on videos, share, tag etc, with just one mouse click. This is the modern way of marketing and advertisers know they can reach a wider audience this way. Even some movies are advertised on Facebook during the production stage so that they drum up enough interest.


The power of social media and video is an advertisers dream. They know they have the chance to get their message across using a whole new paradigm. If you want to get new clients and improve your conversions, then isn’t it about time you looked into creating a good video and taking advantage of video seeding?

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