Your enemy on the journey to success really isn’t after making you a failure, he simply wants you to quit. Hence the reason there are more quitters than failures in the game of success. The passage can be the hardest process of all.Quitters Outnumber Failures in The Game of Success

By Sandi Krakowski

When you enter into the camp of success you have a very real enemy. If you haven’t met him you just haven’t gotten close enough yet. You see he is a confirmation for you. He is not a road sign to show you’ve gone the wrong way. Quite the contrary. He is a confirmation that you are heading in the right direction. Let me warn you however his tactics are slick and at times they can be fierce, hence the reason why more than 85% of people on the road to success quit. Most don’t fail, they quit, plain and simple. And that my friends is the goal of your enemy. His goal is to make you withdraw, retreat and go backwards, and ultimately quit.

He isn’t in the business of kicking people out of success. And failure really isn’t the thing we most fear- the truth is we oftentimes fear success so much and the passage to get there can hold things we have hid from, refused to deal with and simply won’t go through our entire lives. So truly, in success, there are far more quitters than there are failures.

Success in business, success in sports, success in your marriage, success as a parent, it doesn’t matter how you apply this, it’s the same truth across the board. There are three tactics to be on guard for, and when you learn to recognize these maneuvers of your enemy, you’ll be prepared to act offensively and conquer.

Misinformation- this is a tricky and long time trick of the enemy of success. Frankly it’s probably the single biggest cause of divorce. Misinformation, lack of information, confusion- they all hang out together. Your enemy wants you misinformed so he can create confusion.

Confusion- a cousin of the first strategy and one that has hit our world at epidemic proportions. Confusion is the root to depression, suicide and fear at it’s core. Confusion distorts and misinforms- look again at point one. If you are confused you most likely won’t act and if you aren’t going forward in action you aren’t likely getting anywhere which leads to the result your enemy strives for, you quitting.

Lack of information- your enemy wants you to lack the information you need to take action so that you can achieve your goals. For an amazing eBook that right now ( might not always be) is free of charge, go to and get The Attention Age. One of the biggest ways for your enemy to get you to lack information is to fill you with too much information. ADD is the natural result, distraction, disorientation, retreat, back off, quit.

So what can you do win? Stay on top of the game. Realize the passage might be the hardest part of your success journey. To go from over $ 500,000 in debt to being 100% totally debt free there was a passage, a bridge I had to cross and one of the most valuable ingredients to that crossing was to continually do the things I knew would make me money. I didn’t spend a bunch of time researching, planning, strategizing repeatedly- I made a commitment that for 3 hours per day, just 3 hours, I would do the things that make me money. So here I am, living the life of my dreams! Writing for a living, it’s this very same passage that I am crossing now, going from writer who makes several thousands per month to a 7-figure earner is my goal.

The passage from collection agencies to paying your bills in advance and making yourself the banker on all of your loans. The passage from not being able to stand being in the same room with your spouse to having a really hard time keeping your focus on anything else when they are in the same room. The passage from thinking your teenager will never grow up to realizing you are the one who needs to grow and communication is the key. All of these are passages that must be crossed to achieve success and sadly, there are more quitters than there are failures in the road to success.

God bless you! Prosper you and don’t retreat, don’t back off, go forward and receive the life you were designed for,

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Sandi Krakowski is a woman that decided to break the rules in her own life when in 2003 she was diagnosed with a fatal health condition. Recovering 100% and leaving doctors baffled, she went from being over $ 500,000 in debt to a totally debt free lifestyle that she now works under 20 hours per week from the comfort of her radical space in her home office, many times on the grass behind her house where the birds hang out. She is passionate about helping others to live the life they want now, sharing her own personal experience of facing a life threatening disease in the face and conquering fear, debt and illness. She now operates a marketing and copywriting business that has taken everyday average people to a place of notoriety on the net with very little effort. If you liked or maybe even LOVED this article, let Sandi know. She’s piecing together a book and wondering if anyone would even read it! Contact Sandi at:

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