The 12 Worst Mistakes When Marketing for Restaurants

Although the title of this article implies it’s specifically for Restaurants, it actually applies to all of you with a Retail Service or Product based business.
I urge you to pay particular attention to #2, #4, #9 and #11.



The 12 Worst Mistakes When Marketing for Restaurants

Written by ad originally posted by Kendal Austin in Restaurant Marketing

All too often, restaurants miss opportunities to get their business in front of hungry diners. With growing competition and increasingly demanding consumers, an effective marketing strategy can mean the difference between success and failure.
You put a lot of work into making your restaurant successful. Don’t waste those efforts by making these all-too-common restaurant marketing mistakes.

Once you make your way through the list, Download Toast’s Restaurant Marketing Guide 101 for more restaurant marketing advice.

Define your restaurant’s brand and stick with it. Use it to be the driver behind marketing messaging and strategy. The restaurant website, social media channels, and any in-store materials should support your unique brand.
If you’re a sustainably-focused fine dining restaurant, build marketing messaging that speaks to where your food comes from and how that creates an excellent experience. Avoid anything that does not appear to support that mission.

All restaurants should have a social media presence. Just because you are not an avid Facebook user, doesn’t mean it’s not a good fit for your business. Social channels provide an inside look into your restaurant, helping build relationships and stay top-of-mind with guests. Whether your business is on social media or not, you can guarantee your diners are. Take this opportunity to be part of the conversation.
Determine which social media channels are most used by your typical diner and make your business accessible there. Read more restaurant social media best practices.

Google My Business puts your restaurant information on the map, literally. By claiming your business, you can update hours, website, menu, and other crucial data your guests need to know. Google prioritizes these listings and shows them first in search results.
A GMB listing ensures that the most important information (location, phone number, hours, etc) appears immediately when your business is searched online.
You can read more about Google My Business for restaurants here.
This also paves the way to launching targeted local online ads like Google Adwords. Which brings us to the fourth common marketing mistake…

For marketing to make an impact on the success of your business, you’re going to have to allocate funds to support it.
The National Restaurant Association has reported that restaurants typically spend about 3% of monthly revenue on marketing programs.General recommendations typically range from 2 – 10%. Where you spend marketing budget will vary by business type, but many experts are encouraging restaurateurs to focus on digital and mobile marketing – specifically search engine optimization (SEO), Google My Business, and social media.

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Kendal Austin is the Marketing Manager at Toast responsible for customer and partner programs. After a brief stint in foodservice, Kendal found a passion for marketing technology that solves problems. Her claim to fame: she was a contestant on the Price is Right and lost in the final round.

Social Media Marketing Tips

Internet Marketing is not as easy as we would expect it to be; especially when it comes to effective online business branding & social media marketing within a budget. In this case, you need to pay attention to every resource and detail of how you are marketing your business on the Internet. The wrong processes waste time and money. Excellent online marketing strategies provides increased online exposure and conversions. Get social networking tips from Internet Marketing Specialist Lea Charlton.

Social Media Marketing Tips

Internet Marketing Specialist

How can you accomplish your online branding goals as efficiently as possible?

Social Media Marketing (SMM) has become a popular alternative for online business branding. Companies don\’t think of social sites (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Linkedin) as ‘websites for kids’. They are valuable Internet marketing and networking resources for business. On the other hand, there are 4 major issues involved with diving into SMM without the proper knowledge and strategies. These can ‘make’ or ‘break’ your success in social media marketing:


Make wise choices from the beginning and move forward with a ‘plan of action’!

Prior to getting started in social media marketing, you need to nip the urge to join every single social site on Google. It does not hurt to have a presence everywhere on the Internet, though there is no advantage in wasting time setting up a social account that is not used. The site owner may delete it – OR – it will get outdated and look unprofessional. Plus, there is no way that you can ‘work’ them all unless you have a team to help you. You will still want to be discerning and make a ‘plan of action’. You need this to properly brand your business through social media marketing. You also need this ‘plan of action’ in order to ‘position’ your company correctly from the beginning. This concept holds true in Internet marketing in general. 


Meet your social market where they work and play on the Internet!

You need to learn how to ‘set up’ and ‘position’ your company with the ‘best’ social networks and websites. Some initial positioning details to consider: (a) determining which are the ‘best social sites’ for your niche and interests, (d) choosing the right user name for your individual profile links, (c) choosing the most attractive profile information and media to share, (d) developing a knack for filtering activity according to what is appropriate at a particular social site, (e) establishing a time schedule that permits working as many networks as possible, (f) choosing the best initial connections … and so on. 

Keep in mind that ‘Account Settings’, network protocol, niche and viral marketing all go hand in hand throughout time. 

Additionally, some social sites have a more playful environment than others; even those with a professional focus. You need to select websites that not only fit your company\’s focus, but also the personal interests of the individual(s) that will ‘work’ the social media marketing process for you. Note: Don\’t let the ‘playful’ networks defer you. One of the goals of social media marketing is to reach your target markets where they work and ‘play’ on the Internet. 


Don\’t just ‘wing it’; move prepared to market effectively for your business.

Your activity should include a predefined social media optimization (SMO) strategy. This SMO is a combination of search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing (SMM). It expedites the professional results that you require for your business. It is easy to assume that SMM is simply setting up social networks and marketing. Although this is part of the process, social networking is not all that is involved in social media marketing. It is suggested that you have a website and a blog. You need to search engine optimize any personal resources prior to SMM. You need a second set of keywords that do not conflict with your personal virtual properties, though compliment your efforts. 
Content is key to this offsite marketing process, therefore blogs, articles, comments, discussions, images, videos, link … everything SMM needs to correspond with the SEO. 

There is a fine line to what is considered advertising and marketing; spam or valid content. Some social sites are flexible and others are not. You need to move into a virtual realm with a professional plan of action and work the network according to the infrastructure provided, though with intent to produce rapid conversions.


You will need to test, tread, track and refine before you can run with a strategy.

As with an offline business plan, your online branding strategy will need ‘tweaked’ and updated for the following reasons:

(a) The Internet is constantly changing, you will need to update accordingly.

(b) Search engine rankings, blog / website traffic and subscribers mean absolutely nothing if you are not able to convert this activity into sales.

You cannot move forward if your plan of action is not working for you. 


As the old saying goes, ‘time is money’ …

If you get one major point from this article, prioritizing ‘time’ and ‘money’ is what you should remember. Internet marketing is not easy for most; especially when you are merging into unfamiliar arenas. Time and money are the ‘double edge sword’. Handling your own online branding is only time and cost effective if it is making you money. The reality is that you will not drive conversions nor make money at first because it takes time to learn Internet Marketing. This is time that busy professionals do not have, therefore you either have to put in the extra hours or hire an expert to do the work for you. If you choose to do your own search engine optimization and social media marketing, then you need to prioritize whether the bulk of your activity is on the Learning, Researching or the Implementation (Content, SEO, SMM) at any given time. The advantage is that you can adjust this as needed. 
Regardless, a proper online branding strategy will include both the technical and social, therefore they are all one in the same, time consuming, process.

Online business branding and social networking appear to be easy, on the surface, though not a simple process. There are defined strategies that should include both search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing (SMM) in order to create a process called social media optimization (SMO). This SMO is actually the online marketing that you want to do for your business. When done correctly, the SMO will produce immediate responses that are easy to track, increase sales and creates a popularity that contributes to fast branding success. You can change the sales / marketing conversions for your business within a few days or gradually ‘divide and conquer’ your competitive online business arena. In other words, your business can market as aggressively or conservatively as needed. This is based on how your company is equipped to handle growth.

In this generation of Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization, it is to your benefit to learn how to properly brand your business online or find someone that knows how to do this for you.

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About the Author


About the Author:

Lea Charlton has been a leader in the Organic SEO arena since 2004. She specializes in Social SEO Marketing and Consultative Training Services for busy professionals needing fast branding success and social strategy solutions.


What Do I Need To Do To Start Marketing My Business On The Internet?

What Do I Need To Do To Start Marketing My Business On The Internet?

Author: Wharton Business Foundation

Many people are daunted by effective custom web design, site optimization, internet marketing, seo, etc. How can you blame them? There are so many so called “experts” out there spouting off the latest internet tripe. With just a little research, you soon discover that these experts are usually hawking some business opportunity or selling software. So, we’re going to divest the entire process of it’s mysticism and make it as plain as possible.

Here’s what you’ll need to market your business effectively on the internet. The first thing you’ll need is a great website. This is not the area where you want to play it cheap. Do not design your own website! Unless you’re a graphic designer, you’re probably not as artistic as you think that you are. Hire a good web design company. Think about it. The first contact that many prospective customers may have with your business are you marketing materials such as your web site. A well designed web site should educate, instill confidence and trust in potential customers and above all is A SALES OR CLOSING TOOL. This can not be emphasized enough. It should not merely be a pretty online brochure. It’s purpose to either directly or indirectly close business for you. Period.

Make sure you check around on the internet and observe your competitors websites before deciding on the design of your site. A good design company will help you with this. Study the design elements and features of the most successful companies in your industry. Do searches to determine which of their sites get top rankings in the search engines. Also, look for opportunities to innovate to make your website even better than theirs. Make it clear what you want from your website to your web design company.

After your site is constructed, the next thing that you need is for your site to be optimized. Site optimization consists of selecting the right keywords and then imbedding those meta keywords and phrases in the pages and links of your site, installing site maps, doing link exchanges, installing robots and analytics, tying in blogs and article directories, posting articles, and more. This makes your website search engine friendly and helps to get you higher rankings in the search results. Make sure your design company is experienced at this. Some designers are just so eager to get the business that they’ll claim to know more than what they actually do. Do not bypass the site optimization step and just try to submit your site to the search engines. All that will happen is that no one will ever be able to find it.

The last component is actually internet marketing or promoting your site. One popular way is submitting your optimized website to the search engines. There are literally thousands to choose from. However, the majority of searches are done through: Google, Yahoo, AOL and MSN. A study conducted by Berrier Associates shows that of people who spend five or more hours a week online, they average an astounding 71% of their time searching for information. Other research shows that the most common method of finding a website is through search engines. Google powers over 70% of all searches and is the trendsetter for algorithm creation. Therefore, search engine marketing is of paramount importance.

Some search engines are free and others you pay for. A good SEO company can advise on which search engines work best for you.

By applying just these simple strategies, you will be well on your way to getting good results from your internet marketing.

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From The Minds Of Wharton
Wharton Business Foundation
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Get Appointment Setters, Virtual Assistants, Telemarketers, Search Engine Marketing Specialists and more as low as $299 per month! Wharton Business Foundation is one of the foremost respected consulting firms helping companies to grow their business to the next level and beyond. With clients spanning across the nation as well as around the globe, our name has become synonymous with cutting edge expertise and timely intelligence. Though many of our clients know us for our business building experience and marketing and sales training expertise, we are quickly becoming known as the Premier Outsourcing Firm in the continental United States.

5 Small Business Marketing Online Tips

This article is written and owned by Michael Griffiths

November and December are probably two of the most
important months for small business owners all over the
world. If you’re in retail or tourism then you’re gearing
up for a busy time of year. For most other businesses it’s
a time to plant the seeds and get ready to harvest them
come mid January and February. Those that fail to plant the
seeds have very little to harvest in the new year, while
those that spend the time now find plenty to harvest.

It’s very similar to the ‘ant’ the ant spends all spring,
summer and autumn collecting food and getting ready for the
winter. The ant never goes hungry because he was so well
prepared during the other times of the year. This is
exactly what you need to be right now.

Here are 5 online marketing tips for you to use in your
business, to ensure you have qualified leads come the New

1. Use Social Media

I know people keep saying this time after time after time.
However still small business owners do not understand the
power of this platform and with the development of
‘marketplace’ which will be similar to an eBay and ’email’
that will take over Gmail facebook along will soon provide
businesses with a 6 figure income. Did you know that over
20 million people per day join business fan pages. That 41%
of fans recommend the products and services that they are
associated with or that fans on fan pages spend on average
$71 more than non fans.

The unfortunate part is still 98% of the business
population do not realise how to use social media
correctly. Social media is not just facebook. You have to
integrate the big 3 or 4 to work alongside each other. Also
you need to have a game plan on what you are doing on
social media. Are you there to build relationships, to sell
products, to inform people of what is happening or are you
there letting people know that you went out for dinner, saw
a movie or went for a swim. Social media for the remaining
2% of people that use it correctly earn them on average
$24,500 per month. What would happen to your business if
you had over 100,000 fans liking what you had to say each

2. SEO

Search Engine Optimisation is becoming the key to getting
free traffic and allowing you to generate more leads than
ever before. The tide is turning from pay per click. Years
ago the number 1,2,3 pay per click spot use to get upwards
of 90% of the traffic, today the number 1 organic listing
get about 80% of the traffic. Business Owners take note
‘YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR SEO’ companies that do SEO work
have made a fortune from business owners not understanding
what they need to do. So here it is. Search Engines want
new content (this is what you use a blog for) they want
visitors (this is where you send people to your blog) they
want back links to your site (this is where other people
link back to your site and promote you). A business owner
could spend 1 hr per week to achieve all 3 keys elements
that search engines want. Yes you need to have your tags,
descriptions on your website all right, but your web
developer should have done that. SEO is certainly a must
however you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars per
month to achieve it.

3. Pay Per Click

Pay per click advertising has not lost it place, it just is
not as powerful as it use to once be. The main three places
to use pay per click advertising are facebook, Google and
yahoo. Pay per click advertising is where you pay so much
every time someone clicks on your ad. The cost varies
depending on how popular your keyword is.

4. E-Mail Marketing

You must keep in contact with your community of clients,
customers and prospects. Staying front of mind for when
they are ready to make that important decision to buy.
However doing this the right way is all important. People
don’t want to hear from you if all you’re going to do is
sell, sell and sell. You need to add value to their lives
and offer something more than what everyone else does. To
be able to use email marketing you need a database and the
ability to send emails from a content management system.

5. Articles

Articles are a great way to ensure your blog has new
content, that you gain more back links and that you build
your profile and expert status. Using articles as a form of
marketing is not perfected by many business owners. They
see it as to time consuming as a non important aspect of
growing their business. Did you know that 1 article could
provide you with over 1,000 back links to your website? Do
you think its important now? Article writing can be done
once and used several times, such as putting the same
article on your blog, on your social media, in your email
marketing, sent to offline magazines or publishers. Article
writing is one of the quickest ways to build your profile
and get seen by other people.

So now is the time to start sowing the seed to generate
more leads come the New Year.

Michael Griffiths is the CEO and Founder of Secrets Of A
Super Small Business. HE works with small business owners
to generate more leads, get more clients and increase
profits. To get your free marketing resources visit

Small Business Marketing Tips – 5 Ways To Market Your Small Business Online

This article is written and owned by Mario C Churchill

As small businesses naturally don’t have the necessary
resources to launch huge marketing campaigns, they will have to
compensate this with resourcefulness and innovation. If you’re
running a small business and you’re searching for cost-efficient
marketing solutions,
here’s how you can use the wonderful World
Wide Web to your company’s advantage.

5 Ways to Market Your Small Business Online

Build a Website – You don’t have to pay for web hosting even if
you’re running a commercial website just as long as your company
can be properly categorized as a small business. Having a
company website is the means for prospective customers to learn
everything they have to know about the products or services
you’re offering. Compared to other online media, a website
allows your customers to see and hear about your offer and
perhaps interact with you as well.

Know about SEO – Your work doesn’t start and end with building
a website. To make your website work as a marketing tool for
your business, you need to incorporate SEO – or search engine
optimization – elements in it. SEO can help your website zoom to
the top of search engine rankings and provide it with all the
exposure you need.

In regard to SEO, make sure that you focus on your design and
content. Besides needing your website layout to be visually
attractive, it must also have easily located links to facilitate
navigation. Use HTML as much as possible as this is more SEO
friendly than, say, CSS. As for the content, refresh or update
it as much as you can because new information will always
encourage old and new readers to visit your website. Also, think
about the appropriate keywords for your website and use them as
much as possible – without committing grammatical errors or
ruining the coherence of your content – to delight search engine
spiders all the more.

Have a Blog – A blog is one of the most effective online
marketing tools today, and if you don’t have one yet then you’re
wasting a huge opportunity day after day. A blog allows you to
directly interact with prospective customers and almost
immediately update them with anything new about your company’s
products or services.

To increase the marketing effectiveness of your blog, make sure
that you’re writing about one topic alone. This topic must be
directly related to your company’s products or services.
Furthermore, it must be something that you know and love a lot
to enable you to write in a convincing and interesting fashion.

Build Your Network Contacts – Although websites sometimes seem
to be creatures of their own right, always remember that a
website can’t really operate by itself. It gets updated and
achieves success because of its webmaster or owner, and that
person should be the one you’re concentrating on getting
friendly with. Do your best to build your network by
establishing good working relationships with other website
owners. This is a give and take situation so be ready and
willing to shell out as many favors as you hope to receive. As
you become good buddies with these people, you’ll end up
exchanging links, and this, by the way, is called affiliate

Join the Podcast Revolution – Although the popularity of blogs
is certainly not waning, that doesn’t mean you have to
completely rely on blog marketing alone. There are other
marketing fishes in the Internet, and one of them goes by the
name of podcasting. Make new podcasts regularly and insert your
ads in between. You have to make them short and interesting
enough to discourage your listeners from wasting energy just to
press the fast forward button.

About the Author: Mario Churchill makes it quicker and easier
for you to create profitable business ideas, develop your
marketing strategy or brainstorm any topic. To read more and
download a free trial of the ultimate innovation software,
please visit


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