Acai Express – A simple franchise concept with a track record of success

Acai Express – A simple franchise concept with a track record of success…Acai Express – Growing through our mission of providing fresh 100% “Grade A” Acai that we directly import from Brazil…Acai Express – A franchise for everyone

Pink Dragon Bowl

Mira lo rico que se ve al preparar un Delicioso #PinkDragonBowl de Acai Express. La combinación perfecta de pitahaya con tus frutas favoritas, granola y miel!!!

Posted by Acai Express Superfood Bowls on Tuesday, May 2, 2017

By Hector Westerband
Founder Acia Express

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Acai Express is not just another business selling healthy concoctions. Instead, we are a lifestyle.
Our mission is to promote a healthy existence by serving up a lifestyle brand of body beneficial goodness. Our lifestyle-based acai bowls are created for the active and health conscious in mind. On our menu you will find the “Surfer Bowl” for our fellow surfers, the “Yogi Bowl” for our beloved yogis and the Wolfpack Bowl” named after a Jiu-Jitsu school in Puerto Rico.

Whether it’s just deciding to eat better and exercise or engage in fun and natural activities, Acai Express would like to take this journey with you.

With all fresh fruits and mostly organic products, our acai bowls, pitaya bowls, smoothies and natural juices are sure to impress all of those with healthy souls and curious hearts.

When and where was Acai Express founded?

Acai Express was founded by Hector Westerband in July of 2013. An avid surfer in his homeland of Puerto Rico, Hector set out to bring the healthy living lifestyle, formed around the powerful and nutrient-rich acai berry, to everyone on the island. With the success of his first food truck in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, Hector saw the tremendous growth potential and soon thereafter expanded his brand to offer franchise opportunities.

Now Acai Express is venturing into the USA market, to continue to promote this healthy way of life and provide quick service nutrient-rich food alternatives to those seeking a healthy and active lifestyle.

What exactly is Acai?
If you’re wondering what exactly an acai berry is, imagine a cross between the coloring and size of a grape and a blueberry. Acai is a small and seeded, reddish-purple berry. These berries are harvested from 70-foot tall palm trees located near South America’s Amazon River.

Many fruits have high sugar content and acidity which provides some protection against oxidizing and turning brown. However, the acai berry’s low sugar and low acid levels speeds up the oxidization process thereby losing their nutritional benefits more quickly. So, to maintain the nutritional value and to prohibit them from being oxidized, once the berries are picked and processed, they are flash-pasteurized and then promptly frozen for transport. Noted as being beneficial for health, these little berries pack a punch of powerful antioxidants, fiber, monounsaturated fats, iron, calcium, vitamin A and anthocyanins.

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