Social Media Marketing

The SQUIDOO community is the world’s most engaged community of content creators. Our users (we call them lensmasters) are passionate about their writing and dive deep into the topics web surfers care most about while providing the information, authenticity and entertainment people seek online.

Our community is over 23 million global visitors strong. At last count, the site had more than 1 million hand-crafted pages of information focused on DIY, Education, Shopping, Green Living, Food & Cooking, Technology, Travel, Auto and more.

Advertisers will find both huge reach (Squidoo reaches more web users than,, or according to Compete) and extraordinary depth. There are pages on just about every topic you can imagine, and advertising in the right place at the right time is easier on SQUIDOO.

The thing is, surfers to our pages click out a lot. That’s because they’re looking for something. We’d like them to click on high quality offers or brands that they’ll be delighted by. That means you.  Click the link here for more information about advertising on Squidoo and Social Media Marketing

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