Donna Gunter

About Donna Gunter
Online Business Coach and Business Manager

I started telling friends and family what to do at age 4, when my dad began calling me “Sister Bossy”. That name followed me for awhile and eventually disappeared, but the traits remained and reared their heads again in college, when I was actually elected to tell people what to do (what were they thinking??) as both Junior Class President and then Student Government President. Fortunately, with the advent of age, the “bossiness” qualities tempered themselves into more coaching-oriented traits when I became employed in the higher education administration arena. This was a good thing, as New England college-age students don’t cotton to being told what to do…:-)

After finally figuring out what I really love to do and what my gifts are, I made my second foray into business ownership in 1998 and created SOHO Business Solutions, which provides practice management services for professional coaches. After starting this business in a way that defied all the professional advice, I had a full practice in a few short months. In 2000 I began training women to create businesses as Virtual Assistants for a VA training company and did that through 2004.

After coaching and training virtual assistants for several years, I decided to make the leap into coaching and enrolled in the School of Coaching in 2002 and unveiled my coaching business in 2003, a business which has now become The Online Business Coaching Company. I coach self-employed service professionals who are tired of trading time for money and want to learn to leverage their expertise online to make more profit in less time.

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