Caroline Jordan

Caroline Jordan’s interest in small business began at a young age when her family moved to an old farmhouse in Maine and discovered a patch of plump, sweet blackberries in an old pasture. Those blackberries led to the establishment of a berry stand on the side of the road and an early lesson in profiting from the fruits of her labor.

Caroline started her first solo enterprise in college, a combination childcare, resume writing, term paper typing, snow shovelling, etc. business unofficially known as “Almost Anything for a Fee.” Over the years she has owned several businesses and started her current business, The Jordan Result, after completing her MBA in 2000.

The Jordan Result operates nationwide offering a combination of consulting, coaching, and training resources to help self employed professionals and business owners increase sales, improve cash flow, enhance their reputations, develop multiple income streams, attract great customers, and create businesses that provide more than just a paycheck.

Believing that no one is more expert at your business than you are, Caroline uses her own strengths and experiences in collaboration with yours to build a power house of resources and talent. She passionately believes that knowledge and focus are the keys to small business success. She focuses on developing results oriented strategies and tools to help business owners: Get Knowledge. Get Focus. Get Results.

Caroline is the author of “”Stop the Cash Flow Roller Coaster, I Want to Get Off!”. She is also an accounting and business professor.

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